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Spira Care Centers will be closed in observance of select holidays. View the holiday schedule here. Happy holidays!

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Here to help you—personally

To support you on your health journey, you have a team of doctors, nurses, behavioral health consultants, and health coaches providing advanced primary care for the whole person. This team also includes Care Guides who are available to help with insurance and care-related questions.

Care Guides have nursing and benefit specialist backgrounds and serve as a hands-on point of contact—not just answering questions and explaining benefits, but coordinating your care, and helping you navigate specialty care outside your Care Center. To speak to a Care Guide, call 913-29-SPIRA (77472).

Understanding costs and explaining benefits

You need to get a biopsy or a CT scan. Or you need to see a specialist outside the Care Center. How much do they cost? What about your deductible? Where do you go? Ask your Care Guide. You’ll get the answers you need to make smart healthcare choices for you—and your wallet.

Coordinating care

If you need to see a specialist, your Care Guide can help you locate one in your plan’s network and prepare for your visit. They can also:

  • Help you understand the specialty care needed
  • Share necessary documentation as part of your referral
  • Follow up on patient appointments
  • Explain insurance coverage and benefits for outside care
  • Facilitate communication with a specialist’s office

Care Guide Spotlight: Raquel Franklin

Meet Care Guide RN Raquel Franklin and learn how she makes a difference in patients’ lives.

In their words

“Your Care Guide can help simplify your healthcare journey and be that single point of contact for you.”


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