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Raquel Franklin

Care Guide RN at Spira Care Overland Park

Raquel Franklin grew up in Venezuela and began her professional career in nursing there. Upon moving to the United States, Raquel was required to complete additional schooling to practice nursing. She graduated from Metropolitan Community College with an associate degree and from Mid-America Nazarene with a bachelor’s degree. From there, Raquel worked at several doctor’s offices, most recently in dialysis. One day, she got a call from a good friend saying, “Come on over to Spira Care. It’s wonderful here.” After reading about the advanced primary care concept and team-based culture at Spira Care, she was sold. She joined Spira Care to connect with patients, bring quality care, and help navigate the complicated world of health insurance.

As a Care Guide RN, Raquel meets with patients to help with finding in-network providers, reviewing, and understanding their plan and benefits, claims questions, estimates for medications and procedures, referrals for financial aid, and more.

Raquel embraces the opportunity every single day to make a difference in patients’ lives in small and large ways. She has helped numerous patients, but a couple of patient interactions stand out in Raquel’s memory.

On one occasion, a patient needed a CPAP machine, which can cost thousands of dollars. This patient was discouraged as he didn’t have the means to pay for this necessary item. Raquel encouraged him not to give up and sent a referral for financial aid on MARC, which ended up lowering the cost by nearly two-thirds. The patient made a special trip to the Care Center just to thank Raquel for her help.

“I went home feeling good. I felt like I accomplished my goal. I’m here to take care of patients and their health,” Raquel said.

On another occasion, Raquel met with a patient after an appointment with his provider. When Raquel inquired about how he was doing, the patient broke down. He disclosed that he had been living in his car for the past three days. Raquel and another Care Guide immediately acted. They called every shelter in the city and found this patient a place to stay that night. The shelter then helped him secure a job and more permanent housing.

“I want patients to know I’m their right-hand woman for all things here at Spira Care,” Raquel said. “I’m making a difference and I love it.”

Outside of her role as a Care Guide, Raquel likes to read, watch movies, hike, walk, and spend time with her family.

Get you know your Spira Care Guides:

Care Guides, like Raquel, are available to assist patients at all Spira Care Centers. To talk to a Care Guide about a care or plan benefit question stop by their office after your next appointment or call 913-29-SPIRA (77472). Care Guides are available to assist patients Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

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