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Rick Hill

Care Guide RN at Spira Care Olathe

After working in nephrology, Rick Hill decided to join Spira Care for the opportunity to work in a wellness setting that allowed him to help patients prevent disease, preserve their health and empower them to be responsible for their own healthcare.

In his role as a Care Guide, Rick acts as an advocate for patients, helping to coordinate care outside of the Care Centers and educating them about their insurance plan and benefits.

“The idea of the Care Guide is that when the call comes to us, or a patient steps inside our office, that’s the last stop. We are here to help patients understand the process and facilitate care. Our goal is to make sure a patient doesn’t hang up or leave the Care Center confused about what will happen next.”

Rick appreciates Spira Care for the incredible environment that comes from supportive management, excellent providers, and the team-based approach.

“Our providers are approachable and easy to talk to, which patients appreciate. It’s not just a supportive, caring environment that we give our patients, but the support and care that the Care Team gives to each other, too.”

On one occasion, a provider discovered that a patient had a very rare condition.The entire Care Team sprung into action to find the right place for this patient to find care.

“We all pulled together—the nursing team, doctors, Care Guides, and even the medical director of Spira Care—to find this patient the right treatment in-network.”

Get you know your Spira Care Guides:

Care Guides, like Rick, are available to assist patients at all Spira Care Centers. To talk to a Care Guide about a care or plan benefit question stop by their office after your next appointment or call 913-29-SPIRA (77472). Care Guides are available to assist patients Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

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