Everything you ever wanted to know about Spira Care and then some.

Blue KC collaborated with one of the highest-performing Blue KC Medical Homes to create Spira Care – an innovative new offering centered on a reimagined primary care experience.

Spira Care is a combined care and insurance package exclusively available in the Kansas City metro area. It’s the latest in Blue KC’s continued commitment to collaborate and identify solutions to improve member health, enhance the member healthcare experience and facilitate smarter spending in our community.

For the last several years we have invested resources in primary care because we understand that a strong primary care structure is the foundation of an effective healthcare delivery system.

The result is this innovative offering, developed by Blue KC and a leading regional healthcare provider, which combines the convenience of no-additional cost primary care with all the benefits of a larger network.

We offer Spira Care to group clients. Spira Care offers comprehensive primary care and behavioral health services at no additional cost to the member, bringing simplicity and peace of mind (no copays, no deductibles and no charges for any services obtained at Spira Care). Members can also obtain many prescription medications on-site at Spira Care (pharmacy copay applies). When members need specialty care outside Spira Care, they have access to the BlueSelect Plus network and the services will apply toward the member’s deductible.

• Membership is exclusive to 51+ employer group members* to maintain their personal health. To ensure the highest quality care and access, a limited number of memberships will be available.

* ASO Level Funded Groups are eligible with 25+ enrolled members.

This primary care experience includes two centralized Care Centers in Johnson County, Kansas.

All primary care and behavioral health services conducted at the Care Centers are 100% covered with no out-of-pocket cost to members. Services covered include the full complement of advanced primary care services, including holistic care plans, proactive member outreach, expanded hours and chronic condition management and care coordination.

To give you a better idea of included services: primary care for all ages; annual check-ups, including well woman; acute care; vaccines/flu shots; digital x-rays; lab draws; electrocardiogram; glucose testing; behavioral health (anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD to name a few); skin care (lesion removal, cryotherapy); fracture care; suture care and removal; chronic condition management.

In addition to the two Care Centers, members have access to more than 3,000 physicians and specialists at more than 11,000 access points in the BlueSelect Plus network that includes: Children’s Mercy Hospital (Hospital Hill and South locations); Liberty Hospital; North Kansas City Hospital; Olathe Health; Shawnee Mission Medical Center; Truman Medical Center (Hospital Hill and Lakewood locations); and The University of Kansas Health System. There is no requirement for a member to get a referral to see providers outside of these Care Centers. Members can use the Blue KC Find a Doctor tool to search for a provider in the BlueSelect Plus network.

Spira Care members who receive services outside the clinic have access to the BlueSelect Plus network in our service area and the BlueCard network outside our service area. Services received from a BlueSelect Plus provider or a BlueCard provider are subject to the member’s deductible. Preventive care services required by the ACA are always covered at 100% at BlueSelect Plus and BlueCard providers. Members can use the Blue KC Find a Doctor tool to search for a provider in the BlueSelect Plus network.

These Care Centers are the first in Kansas City to offer comprehensive primary care and behavioral health services at no additional cost to the member, bringing simplicity and peace of mind.

Services received outside of the Care Center from providers in the BlueSelect Plus network will be subject to the plan deductible. After the deductible is met, services received from BlueSelect Plus providers are covered at 100%. Non-emergency services received from non-network providers will generally not be covered under the plan.

We have two centralized and integrated Care Centers in Johnson County, Kansas. Our objective is to maximize reach of the Johnson County population with limited drive-time.

These Care Centers are designed with scalability in mind. The two initial locations will establish a pilot program and with its success we plan to work with providers to grow membership, points of service and offerings.

The primary care services offered in these designated and integrated Care Centers are focused on the patient–enhanced member experience including the option for virtual care or non-visit care. We are investing in primary care because it helps reduce the total cost of care across all access points.