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The Spira Care difference.

This is not your average healthcare experience. Spira Care brings care and coverage together, to make healthcare simpler, convenient, and more affordable. But what makes Spira Care truly different is how it puts you at the center of everything. Take a look at how Spira Care is revolutionizing the way people access healthcare.

This is Why

We are Different

Advanced Primary Care

At Spira Care, we bring care and coverage together in an advanced primary care model. It's all about giving you easy, convenient access to primary care services through multiple Spira Care Center locations where you will find a Care Team that includes physicians, nurse practitioners, and Care Guides who support you throughout your health journey.

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Our Care Team
Partners With You

How it all works.

Wellness Teams

At Spira Care, we treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. That’s why we have Wellness Teams that include behavioral health consultants and health coaches to help you reach and maintain your personal health and wellness goals – both mentally and physically.

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Behavioral Health

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Great Patient

Appointment Flexibility

Life calls for different kinds of appointments. So, whether you'd like to be seen in person, or you'd feel more comfortable with a virtual care option, Spira Care can connect you to the right care for you.

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Spira Care Visit

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Phone Visit

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Telehealth Visit

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How it all works.

Care Guides

Care Guides are real people and personal guides, many with nursing and benefit backgrounds, to help you on your health journey. They can coordinate care, answer questions, and explain benefits. Now members have a single point of contact for both care and coverage questions. It truly is care with you at the center.

Care Guides
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Online Tools

Our online tools put everything you need to manage your care, health, and benefits right at the tip of your fingers. Whether it’s finding a doctor or pharmacy, or viewing test results or health history, our tools make healthcare simpler and more transparent.

Online Tools
Online Experinece

Plan Options

Blue KC offers a variety of plan options with exclusive access to Spira Care to fit your family's unique needs. That means everything from ACA plans and Medicare plans for individuals to employer-based plans that feature the ultimate in Spira Care simplicity.

Plan Options

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