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Spira Care - From the employer perspective

Spira Care is a combined care and insurance offering developed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. The entire experience was designed by patients from start-to-finish to provide comprehensive care at convenient Care Centers, as well as access to all the benefits of the BlueSelect Plus network.

"It's the first time I've had employees excited about going to the doctor. I've been doing HR for 25 years, I've never had employees come back and brag about a health plan offering."

-Amy Willyard

Spira Care - Integrated primary care

At Spira Care we've set out to change the healthcare experience, one that makes members feel more alive, less stressed and reassured that the best people are there to take care of them - no matter what.

"Spira Care is designed to walk with people in their health journey. It's like we are on a mission to improve healthcare."

-Dr. McQueeny

Spira Care - From the member perspective

Spira Care is bringing care back to healthcare.

"We heard about the opportunity of joining Spira Care and we were really excited. When you go you get your stuff done and there is no copay."

-Mark Buergler

Spira Care - From the member perspective

Wherever you are on your health journey, Spira Care is in your corner.

"The great part about Spira Care is everything we need from a primary care perspective is provided under one roof."

-David Voorhees

Spira Care - From the Care Guide perspective

In addition to our first-class nurses and doctors, Spira Care members also enjoy access to a team of Care Guides. They are real people and personal guides, many with nursing and benefit backgrounds, to help members on their health journey.

"With Care Guides our members don't have to worry about what's next. We're helping them to make the process easy."


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