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How It Works

It's time to put the care back into healthcare

We care about our members. That’s why we’ve redesigned the patient experience at your Care Centers – so members feel more like people and less like patients. That’s why we have Care Guides to help coordinate care both in and outside of these Care Centers. And it’s why we offer transparency tools that allow members to see costs up front before they receive services. Spira Care is built for care. Clear and simple.

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01 Care Centers

Spoiler alert. This is not your typical medical office. We’ve improved the entire patient experience from the moment you walk in. No more sliding glass window. No more rows of chairs in a crowded waiting room.

About the only thing you’ll recognize is the same high quality care you’d expect from trusted doctors. Visits are by appointment or walk-in. And the list of services offered is unlike any other place of care. You’ll even find select low-cost prescriptions offered on-site.

02 Care Guides

What can Care Guides do for you? It might be easier to list what they can’t do. Care Guides are like personal guides who can help you navigate the world of healthcare.

They help coordinate care, answer questions, and explain benefits. Now members have a single point of contact for both care and coverage questions. It truly is care with you at the center.

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03 Technology

Technology plays a major role in the Spira Care experience. Our tools make healthcare simpler and more transparent.

Transparency tools give members pricing options upfront before they receive care. And in-office technology improves the patient experience at your Care Centers.

Receiving other medical services

Have questions about coverage outside of the Care Centers? Here’s everything you need to know about accessing specialty care, emergency care, and all other medical services.

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